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Fertilizer Applications

Our 5 Step Program

Based on the needs of your lawn, we offer a Five-Step program.  That is, we will come to your house and treat your lawn five times between mid-April and early November, about ever 5 to 6 weeks. In the 5-Step program, your lawn gets a balanced get EIGHT treatments for the price of FIVE! Three FREE treatments, every year.

Here’s how it works: The first time we come, we apply a granular fertilizer together with a granular pre-emergent weed control product. The second time we come, we apply a weed control and a second treatment of granular fertilizer.  The third time we’re there, we apply a much-needed granular fertilizer to help your lawn survive the hottest, driest weeks of summer with an additional benefit of an added grub prevention component.  The fourth step your lawn gets a granular fertilizer with a boost of iron.  That’s right… on the first, second and third visits, we go over your whole lawn once with a granular time-release fertilizer as well as weed control or insecticide.  The fifth application is a winterizer, that is, a granular fertilizer which will prepare your lawn for late fall and winter in Massachusetts, and make your lawn perk right up again in the springtime.

1. Between mid-April and the beginning of May ---  Granular Pre-Emergent Weed Control along with a Granular Fertilizer

2. Between mid-May and early June ---Granular Pre-Emergent Weed Control along with a Granular Fertilizer & Liquid Weed Control

3. Between early-July and early-August --- Weed and Feed Granular Fertilizer & Grub Prevention

4. Between mid-August and early October--- Granular Fertilizer with Iron Boost

5. Between October and early November ---Winterizer, a granular slow release fertilizer



Each of the five treatments costs the same.  That cost depends on the size (square footage) of your lawn.    For example, using a typical small lawn:   Five treatments at $34.95 =  $174.75 for the year, plus tax.   You could mail in a payment after each treatment (every four to six weeks), or pay it all in the spring at once and receive a 5% discount.


Core aeration and insecticide applications are outside of the Five-Step Program.  Each has its own cost, again depending on the square footage of your lawn.  Core aeration is done in spring or fall.  Insecticide can be done anytime, but is usually scheduled for late May, June, or early July.


We service lawns of all sizes.  Some of our lawns are several acres in size, others are about the size of your living room floor.  We specialize in both residential and commercial lawns.   When we finish treating the lawn  at your home or place of business we will leave an invoice on the door itemizing exactly what we did for you that day. We will also leave a one-sheet newsletter with important lawn care tips and interesting facts about your lawn.


The First Time We Come in Spring


The first time we come will be in April or May, depending on the weather. If you have plans for doing other work on your lawn, you could start as early as the end of March if weather allows. If you’re doing any other things for your lawn, here’s the correct order to do them:

  1. Rolling

  2. Aerating

  3. Dethatching

  4. Fertilizer application

  5. Overseeding (please tell us if you are going to overseed so we can adjust your fertilizer)


You may put mowing, or lawn maintenance as we like to call it anywhere you want, in that schedule. Many dog owners like to clean up before we come. We give every customer a courtesy call before we come for your first treatment.

Please contact us online or at 978-652-5423 if you have any questions or would like to receive a free, no-strings-attached, price quote .  


Treatments start at just $54.95 .

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